Psycholinguistics is a course that is designed for third year EFL students at the English department at Jijel University. Psycholinguistics is an interdisciplinary field of study that combines the fields of linguistics and psychology. It deals with the psychological, and neurobiological factors influencing humans' acquisition, comprehension, use, and production of language. Psycholinguists attempt to answer three main questions:

•What is knowledge of language?
•How is knowledge of language acquired?
•How is knowledge of language put to use?

The first question represents the static or representational area of psycholinguistics; how language is stored in the human memory. The second question concerns the dynamic and procedural aspect that deals with language acquisition. This sub-branch is called Developmental Psycholinguistics. The third area in psycholinguistics pertains to language processing. This relates to the area of language production and language comprehension.